Current work

PeakData AG

Since: 2021
Role: Tech Lead at Data Extraction Team
Tech stack: Python, Python data stack, AWS, Terraform, Docker
Website: PeakData

At PeakData we are building solutions to identify influential healthcare professionals so they can help out developing and consulting new drug development. For a long time, I wanted to join a startup directly and so when PeakData reached me out I didn’t hesitate especially since I could challenge myself with a new role – Tech Lead. Now my responsibilities are beyond writing code. I work in direct contact with business and developers. I have input on technical decisions, architecture, priorities, and recruitment. I am helping my teammates grow as engineers and I help to implement good software engineering practices in the organization. I hope I am any good at that but that’s not for me to judge.


Since: 2018
Role: Technical Co-Founder
Tech stack: Python, Python data stack, AWS, TimescaleDB, PyTorch, Terraform, Packer, Docker
Website: Silimare

Silimare is a brainchild of myself and my wife. We are very into trading the financial markets and we’ve decided that it would be great to work together on something in a bit more organized way. The project is mostly about using my software engineering skills and her trading skills to build augmented and automated trading solutions. We are focusing on Warsaw Stock Exchange with a bit of exposition to the US Market for diversification. Currently, we are designing and developing trading augmentations and regular scanning capabilities of our system. We are processing real-time data and gathering our database for trading, backtesting, and statistical analysis.