Hi! 👋

My name is Jeremi Kaczmarczyk and I am an experienced Software Engineer currently working as Staff SWE / Tech Lead at PeakData.

My current professional interests are: software/solutions architecture, cloud, serverless, python and golang.

I started programming in high school. After few detours and pursuing other interests I’ve started my professional career in 2015. After short period of iOS Development (Swift, Objective-C) I moved into python ecosystem starting with machine learning which quickly turned into data engineering and backend development.

While I choose the tools based on the requirements not the other way I really like working with:

  • python 3.9+
  • pytest
  • poetry / pipenv
  • AWS (if so then boto3 + moto)
  • Terraform
  • Postgres
  • black + mypy + flake8 + isort
Me in 2022
Me in 2022